STEM Education & Public Engagement

2015 ~ Present

STEM Education & Public Engagement


To investigate issues relating to the development of life-long STEM literacies, gender equality and enhanced attainment at student, pupil and community

Issues Involved or Addressed

Creating and sustaining STEM Education Clinics in schools and Public Engagement events within socially disadvantaged local communities in Scotland. In so doing, the project hopes not only to develop students’ own STEM domain knowledge, and intra–professional and inter-personal skills sets, but also seeks to promote the development of STEM literacies acquisition of the children and communities in which these clinics are set.

Methods and Technologies

  • ModTAP Theory & Implementation

Academic Majors of Interest

Preferred Interests and Preparation

School of Education - Interest in promoting STEM Literacies and supporting positive destinations in areas of disadvantage.

Team Advisors

Mr. Robert Collins