Renewable Energy Systems

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Renewable Energy Systems


To improve the turnaround time of the development phase of Power-purchase Agreements, minimise downtime of these assets and proactively monitor system health of existing photo-voltaic arrays.

Issues Involved or Addressed

Determine key obstacles and identify improvements in the development phase of PPA's; develop monitoring systems for proactive identification of faults, inefficiencies and cleaning routines.

Methods and Technologies

  • Power-purchase agreements
  • PV panel efficiency
  • IoT systems monitoring

Academic Majors of Interest

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Preferred Interests and Preparation

Renewable energy systems and sustainable operations
EE, inverter and DC-DC converter design
IE, system modelling, client relations and business model
ChemEng & MechEng, optimisation and effiency improvements of PV arrays

Team Advisors

Paul Sonnendecker


Next Renewable Generation (Pty) Ltd