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Hands-on Learning


Develop a set of small, portable, and inexpensive experimental platforms and simple projects for teaching students fundamental engineering concepts and design principles.  These mini-systems would be used in classes as well as to enhance learning outside of the classroom, such as in the Invention Studio or with the IEEE Innovation Team. Typical courses supported include some from AE and ME such as Dynamics, System Dynamics, Numerical Methods and Thermal Systems and some from ECE such as Fundamentals of Digital Circuits, Circuits, Systems and Controls.  The team will also answer the question “What cool things can we build with myDAQ, myRIO, mbed, Arduino platforms and even cell phones?” while putting some rigor into the hacker mentality, and making the developed projects and design methods into training tools for other students.

Issues Involved or Addressed

Research in engineering education will be addressed by designing experimental platforms that enhance learning of fundamental ME and ECE topics in a variety of courses. 

Methods and Technologies

  • MyDAQ
  • MyRIO
  • Mbed
  • Arduino
  • Cell Phone Apps
  • Mechanical and Electrical Design and Fabrication Methods

Academic Majors of Interest

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Preferred Interests and Preparation

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