2018 ~ Present



It is undeniable that student engagement has become a critical issue in education. Accordingly, gamification strategies have opened new possibilities to enforce learning processes as a complement of other learning methodologies. By recognizing this principle, our goal is to collect evidence of likely relationships among several education measurements such as Bloom Taxonomy and Learning styles. We have already incorporated several efforts to adapt new technologies, ludic activities, and serious games to our curriculum. So, we are interested in developing experiments to assess the usefulness of learning with gamification.

Issues Involved or Addressed

Is gamification really a new engagement driver? Does application of ludic activities in classes complement other teaching strategies? Which levels of Bloom`s Taxonomy show more engagement in response to gamification? Is there any relationship between learning styles and gamification strategies?

Methods and Technologies

  • Industrial Engineering Department

Academic Majors of Interest

  • Industrial Engineering

Preferred Interests and Preparation

Experience in teaching engineering with interactive dynamics

Team Advisors

Fernando Quintero
+57 3174376087
Maria Paola Segura
+57 3017016293