Autonomous Robotic Systems

Autonomous Robotic Systems


To work as part of a multidispinary team creating autonomous robots that will compete in multiple challenges and contests around the Nation.

Issues Involved or Addressed

To create innovative solutions to challenges that arise when designing, building, and testing autonomous robotic systems. The techincal challenges faced are mostly in the areas of systems enginerring, mechincal systems, real-time software, embedded computer systems, vision processing, and electrical systems. Plus, by working as part of a multidisciplinary team, the students will gain knowledge in non-technical skills such as communciation, teamwork, and leadership.

Methods and Technologies

  • robotics
  • systems engineering
  • motors, servos and mechanical systems
  • computer vision systems
  • real-time systems
  • embedded computer systems
  • teamwork
  • leadership
  • sensors and their integration
  • electrical systems

Academic Majors of Interest

  • computer science
  • mechanical engineering
  • electrical and computer engineering
  • physics
  • math
  • education
  • civil engineering

Preferred Interests and Preparation

Interest in creating innovative solutions with robotics, embedded systems, sensors and real-time software, including vision processing.

Team Advisors


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