Boise State Presents VIP-Con

On November 14, Boise State University hosted its first-ever VIP-Con, showcasing a wide variety of cutting-edge VIP projects in areas ranging from the humanities, to advanced technology and robotics, to studies of biodiversity and ecosystems. Featured teams included:

Audio Signal Processing
NASA Microgravity: team NASA Suits
Shared Stories Lab
Portable Secure Devices
Informatics Skunkworks
Computing Across Campus
Autonomous Robotics Systems
Make It!
Humanitarian Engineering and
       Social Entrepreneurship
Plasma Medicine & Agriculture
Pathways Open Education Resources
Team: Chinese Teaching Materials
Plant Soil Interactions
Books in Every Home
UX Research Lab

Congratulations to our Boise colleagues, Jillana Finnegan and Donna Llewellyn, on a highly-successful and well-attended event.