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The VIP Consortium is a global alliance of universities advancing Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) programs.  Through VIP, undergraduate and graduate students participate in ambitious, long-term projects led by faculty; faculty benefit from their VIP teams’ contributions to ongoing scholarship and exploration efforts; and universities gain a scalable model for high-impact, project-based learning.  VIP sites collaborate to share effective practices, evaluate and improve the VIP model, disseminate experiences and findings, and establish VIP programs in a variety of institutions.


VIP Team Spotlight

Low-cost Polymeric Microcantilever Sensor Array for Point of Care (POC) Personal Medical Treatment Applications
Develop highly sensitive, low-cost biosensors using 3D printing and micro-fabrication. Detect...

VIP Site Spotlight

The goal of the VIP Program at Stony Brook to provide every student of every discipline with the opportunity to participate in a long-term multidisciplinary project that provides a real-world...