VIP Team Spotlights

VIP Team Spotlights will showcase the work of a variety of VIP teams from across the globe. Presentations are free of charge, but registration is required. Scheduled and previous sessions are listed below. 

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2021 - Renewable Energy Focus

11 AM - Noon 

US Eastern Time



Session 1:  Photosynthetic Biobatteries


Presenter: Joseph Peacock, Universidad Mayor

VIP Team: Objectives for sustainable development and university: Climate change, energy, long life, disabled and genetics


The world is in the midst of the transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources and an improvement in the storage and production systems of electrical energy is essential. State-of-the-art systems could be the answer to this great problem, an emerging technology is the so-called bio-batteries, which have been a point of interest for the creation of clean, safe and low-cost electricity using biological functions. Our VIP project seeks to develop a photo-microbial fuel cell or photosynthetic bio battery that uses genetically modified single-celled photosynthetic eukaryotic microorganisms (microalgae) to generate action potentials.



Session 2:  In-situ resource utilization and energy harvesting systems on Mars


Presenter: John Hankinson, Georgia Tech Research Institute

VIP Team: M.A.R.S.: Martian Advanced Renewable Systems


The Moon and Mars offer difficult challenges to NASA’s ambitious plan for exploration, including acquisition of reliable and renewable energy, functional designs for extreme heat and cold, food production strategies, and dust mitigation. This presentation will provide an update of collaborative efforts between the MARS VIP team and scientists and engineers at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida to research, develop, and test renewable energy systems for efficient use in Martian habitats.