Joining the Consortium

The VIP Consortium is open to institutions with campus-wide VIP programs, college-wide programs, and departmental programs, as well as pilot programs. To join the consortium, prospective sites should develop a plan for program implementation that addresses the key program elements defined by the consortium (below).  For further details, contact Randal Abler.

Program Leadership
  • VIP Program led by research active professor(s) with a VIP team.
  • Each project team embedded in and benefits advisor’s scholarship and exploration efforts.
  • Large-scale projects lasting years/decades.
    Minimum effective project duration is about 5 years; Typical team size of 10-15 once established (new teams are usually smaller).
  • Multidisciplinary teams encouraged.
  • Team topics based on faculty interests; students select teams based on personal interest.
  • Program is curricular; all students are graded.
    No volunteers, no pass/fail; Students may participate for pay, provided they participate in the full grading process, even though it’s advisory.
  • Incentives for students to participate on the same team for 2+ years.
  • Grading process includes rigorous documentation by students of their efforts and a peer evaluation process.
  • Learning outcomes include development of both disciplinary and professional skills.
  • Dedicated classroom/meeting space.