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1201 Center Avenue Mall 1019 Campus Delivery
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United States
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The Institution

Colorado State University is a land-grant institution and a Carnegie Research University (very high research activity). CSU was founded as the Colorado Agricultural College in 1870, six years before the Colorado Territory gained statehood. It was one of 68 land-grant colleges established under the Morrill Act of 1862. The doors opened to a freshman class of 20 students in 1879. In 1935, the school became the Colorado State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, or Colorado A&M, and was renamed Colorado State University in 1957. CSU has very strong programs on global sustainability and the environment, natural resources, infectious diseases, water resources, and green technologies.

The Program

The VIP program allows both students and faculty to fully participate in innovation by enabling the creation and long-term operation of large, multidisciplinary teams consisting of undergraduates, graduate students and faculty.


Edwin Chong
Steven Fassnacht


Thomas Siller

VIP Teams

  • The goals for the project are 1) intensive field campaigns to collect data over large areas, 2) technology development, and 3) analysis and modeling of snow covered systems. Measurement will initially focus on surface mapping for understanding roughness (e.g., Fassnacht et al., 2014), depth mapping through snow on and snow off surveys, and estimating near surface snowpack properties, such as...
  • To design an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) for automobiles to enhance driver safety, e.g., by tracking lane markers to keep the driver in the correct lane and alerting the driver to other cars and pedestrians. While image processing algorithms exist to track lanes, cars, and pedestrians, the challenge in this project is to implement these algorithms on an embedded board (with CPUs...
  • To design games and activities with cutting edge virtual reality and motion tracking technology including Occulus Rift, Leap Motion Controller, and Kinect 2 for low cost and in-home rehabilitation of patients with stroke, cerebral palsy, and traumatic brain injury. The games and activities will be designed to improve hand-eye coordination, motor control, endurance, shoulder strength, range-of...
  • With the ever increasing complexity of engineering systems, parametric uncertainty arising due to manufacturing process variations, variations in operating environment and from simplifying assumptions made during the design process have become crucial in determining the performance, reliability, and life-span of such systems. Modeling the propagation of this uncertainty from the system...
  • To give undergraduate students a chance to participate in student-driven research in the area of synthetic biology.