University of Strathclyde VIP Program

16 Richmond Street
Glasgow, Scotland G1 1XQ, United Kingdom

University of Strathclyde

16 Richmond Street
GlasgowScotland G1 1XQ
United Kingdom
Phone+44141 5524400
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The Institution

Leading International Technological University

The Program

Started in 2012, there are now several teams and most projects are strongly interdisciplinary.


Prof Stephen Marshall
Dr Paul Murray


Alex Buckley

VIP Teams

  • To understand the processes by which biological systems especially those producing antibiotics grow in order to maximise the yield
  • The goal of ROVER is to design, build and develop completely autonomous, robotic vehicles to enable environmental sensing and interaction in the environment and the smart cities of the future. The project goals are flexible between years and will educate and train students in any aspect of robotic systems relevant to their interests and discipline.
  • To use digital tools and quantitative methods to investigate literary texts, and provide these to school students via various platforms
  • The project uses performance as a medium to widen access, in this modern society, to Health and Well-Being, Science and Engineering and where possible to encourage more female representation in these fields.
  • To investigate issues relating to the development of life-long STEM literacies, gender equality and enhanced attainment at student, pupil and community

  • This VIP Project links with two on-going Research Programmes, one in Malawi Africa, the second in Gaza/Palestine/Israel in the Middle East. The Goal is to give students opportunity to work on research that underpins SDG6 on Water for these countries.