Universidad ICESI VIP Program

Calle 18 No. 122-135
Pance, Cali , Colombia

Universidad Icesi

Calle 18 No. 122-135
Latitude: 4.153779
Longitude: -76.706800

The Institution

Icesi is a private university that was founded in 1979 by local business leaders, who have since contributed significantly to Icesi’s initiatives by providing financial, institutional, and networking support. Since its founding, our University has been systematic in pursuing its mission: The pursuit of learning, discovery, and knowledge and taking action to create a better world. For this purpose, Icesi has developed innovative academic programs and has encouraged students to search for knowledge through the “Active Learning” method, in order to produce better, well-prepared professionals. Our students have the knowledge and competencies necessary to stand out professionally in their disciplines. Icesi is recognized as one of the most important and renowned universities in Colombia due to its rigorous academic standards and its wide and diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs.

The Program

The VIP Program at Icesi is a project on the quest of enriching experiences for all of those involved. This initiative began as an effort among the Industrial Engineering, Computer Science and Telematics academic programs and is aimed at involving more programs to enrichen the multidisciplinary in the VIP teams at Icesi.


Efrain Pinto Brand
+57 (2) 555 2334 Ext. 8860
Andres Alberto Aristizábal Pinzón
+57 (2) 555 2334 Ext. 8376

VIP Teams

  • It is undeniable that student engagement has become a critical issue in education. Accordingly, gamification strategies have opened new possibilities to enforce learning processes as a complement of other learning methodologies. By recognizing this principle, our goal is to collect evidence of likely relationships among several education measurements such as Bloom Taxonomy and Learning styles....
  • - To enhance mechanical activities through full or partial automation

    - To simulate automated processes using construction toy kits

    - To design improvements to actual processes

    - To evaluate the functionality of the prototypes constructed

  • - To develop an educational and integrated framework software that implements methods for decision making in business

    - To work on business intelligence tools for intensive academic use

    - To create a completely practical laboratory to evaluate methods and algorithms used in industry

    - To support teaching strategies by developing and using software tools