Student-made water quality monitor can help isolated communities track safe water sources

A portable water quality monitor created by a team of University of Bath students could help to rapidly detect and map safe water sources for communities around the world.
The OASIS device, created by Team Bath Biodevices without Borders, combines innovative water diagnostic and GPS technology to carry out rapid water quality analysis and plot the results to a global map.
When dipped in water, the device determines the quality and safety of the water by using a series of small electrochemical sensors to detect a range of contaminants, including chlorides, fluorides, and nitrates, as well as its pH level, temperature and turbidity (or clearness).
Results are then displayed on the device, and if a smartphone is connected, it can be uploaded and shared online.
The OASIS—short for On-site Aquatic Safety Inspection System—has been created by the student team, a Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) group. VIPs at Bath enable students from all year groups and across all University disciplines to collaborate with staff on long-term real-world issues. 
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